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We have rehab locations from Palm Springs to Eureka Springs, and even at the ocean.

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What We Treat

We are a part of the VA’s Community Care Network, meaning Veterans can get a referral from the VA, if they are eligible, to come to one of our facilities.

We treat Substance Abuse Disorder (including Alcohol Addiction, Benzodiazepine Addiction, Crack Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Meth Addiction, and Prescription Drug Abuse), Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and many more for those who sacrifice so much to serve our country.

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Group Therapy

EMDR Therapy

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Medication - Assisted Treatment

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Trauma Therapy

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How We Treat

Warriors and First Responders Resort uses evidence – based therapy practices to provide the most specialized treatment programs possible. Some of the therapy practices we offer at our Nationwide Detox Centers and Military Rehabs are Group Therapy, EMDR Therapy for PTSD, Detox, and Medication Assisted Treatment. By treating the person as a whole, and not just the problem, we’re able to gain a clearer understanding of mental and emotional triggers that propel behavior patterns. Ultimately, this allows an individual to begin healing from the inside out and embark on a path to wholesome recovery. 

Our Evaluation Process

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The first step of our evaluation process is to identify the areas that trouble you the most. These can range from anxiety or depression to difficulties with interpersonal relationship. We want to know what YOU want to work on.

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Secondly, you’ll complete an MCMI - IV mental health evaluation to look for any additional clinical disorder or personality disorders that could be co-occurring disorders.

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Using the information gathered, we create a personalized treatment plan, just for you, to meet all of your recovery needs and help you develop solid footing on your road to recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment Available

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is the use of medications, like suboxone or vivitrol, in combination with therapy, to provide a complete approach to the treatment of addiction. MAT is clinically effective and significantly reduce risk of relapse in clients with Substance Abuse Disorders, such as Alcohol Addiction, Benzodiazepine Addiction, and Opioid Addiction. As a member of V.A. Community Care Network, our Nationwide Detox Centers and Rehabs offer specialized treatment programs of medication and therapy to ensure that Recovery is possible.
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