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Battling Toxic Stress

Person experiencing overwhelming stress which can lead to mental health as well as physical health issues if untreated long term.

What is Toxic Stress?

Stress is a normal reaction to many kinds of events and situations in our lives. This feeling is one of our internal warning systems that alerts us to danger or other threats and prepares our bodies to fight back or get out of a dangerous situation. 

A manageable amount of stress from time to time can be helpful. For example, it can motivate you to prepare for a test a school or finish a task at work. Even happy events like moving to a new home or celebrating an important milestone can bring up stress yet all of this is just part of being human.

This can become toxic when it becomes unmanageable, and it becomes unexpectedly intrusive. Toxic stress can develop into Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety Disorders are mental illnesses that have a major impact on your life. Veterans, Medical Professionals, and First Responders may avoid daily activities in order to escape Stress. They may experience a lot of uncomfortable physical sensations and physical health problems. Many Veterans say that they know their Stress isn’t always based in reality; However, they feel engulfed by their thought and feelings.

Habits to Battle Toxic Stress

Nutritional Balance

Eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs, cutting sugar and caffeine intake, eating more lean protein helps reduce stress

Regularly Exercise

It does more than stress management. By staying committed to a routine, you stay more focused on your mental and physical health than reminiscing about the unfortunate events.


Regular meditation gives you more control over your thoughts. When you incorporate gratitude, this enables you to look at the bright side even in the most stressful situations.

Proper Sleep Rountine

Be sure to get at least 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep every day. Lack of sleep can heightened feelings of stress and anxiety.


Communication helps a lot in handling stress management; If you are feeling stressed about a situation, vent to a loved one or professional.

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If you or a loved one is struggling, Warriors and First Responders Resorts, can help. You can enroll into one of our specialized treatment programs yourself or refer someone. Our Veterans Rehab admissions staff is available to answer any questions and help to guide you through the process. Admissions staff members are there to arrange admissions, facilitate transportation, evaluate, and assist with insurance verification.

 Once a Veteran enters our Rehab and completes their mental health evaluations, they will be given a daily schedule. It is important to adhere to all the rules and do their best to complete all the work laid out for them in their individualized treatment plan. When Veterans work hard on their recovery and want to improve their situation, they will experience the healing process. Those that enroll in our program have the opportunity to change and begin the journey to sobriety.