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Our Veterans Rehab Treatment Centers offer specialized treatment programs for Grief and Loss. With years of experience, we’ll work tirelessly to meet Veterans treatment needs.

Specialized Grief and Loss Programs

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Many people are placed in situations where they must deal with grief and loss. Veterans, Medical Professionals, and first responders are more prone to experiencing these life situations and it can make their ability to carry out their responsibilities harder than they already are.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that professional help be utilized when needed. Whether it’s an overdose or an emergency on a massive scale, first responders bear witness to traumatic events on an almost-daily basis. And while they do their best to save everyone they can, dealing with death is, unfortunately, a common part of the job. Grief can present itself in many ways and is best treated with therapy and counseling.

Our Veterans Rehab Centers programs help those struggling process Grief stages through grief counseling techniques, and teaching coping skills for grief.

The Five Stages of Grief and Loss

Those struggling with acceptance of a loss are in the stage known as denial


Numbness is a normal reaction to a death or loss and should never be confused with "not caring.

Woman with face cupped in her hands struggling with grief.


This stage of grief may be marked by persistent thoughts about what "could have been done" to prevent the death or loss.

Facing depression is common for those struggling with grief and loss.


In this stage, we begin to realize and feel the true extent of the death or loss.

Anger is a normal part of the grief process


This stage is common. It usually happens when we feel helpless and powerless. Anger can stem from a feeling of abandonment because of a death or loss.

Military Salute at the funeral of a fallen brother in arms.


In time, we can come to terms with all the emotions and feelings we experienced when the death or loss happened.

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How Do We Help With Grief and Loss?

Through the groundbreaking use of integrative evidence based therapies we help develop:

  • Coping with Grief
  • Processing the 5 Stages of Grief
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Mental Wellness Plans
  • EMDR therapy for PTSD
  • Post – traumatic Stress Disorder Tolerance Skills
  • Principles of Self Care
  • The Importance of Healthy Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness 
  • And Many More…

Symptoms of Unresolved Grief and Loss




Loss of Appetite








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If you or a loved one is struggling, Warriors and First Responders Resorts, can help. You can enroll into one of our specialized treatment programs yourself or refer someone. Our Veterans Rehab admissions staff is available to answer any questions and help to guide you through the process. Admissions staff members are there to arrange admissions, facilitate transportation, evaluate, and assist with insurance verification.

Once a Veteran enters our Rehab and completes their mental health evaluations, they will be given a daily schedule. It is important to adhere to all the rules and do their best to complete all the work laid out for them in their individualized treatment plan. When Veterans work hard on their recovery and want to improve their situation, they will experience the healing process. Those that enroll in our program have the opportunity to change and begin the journey to sobriety.