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Helping A Loved One Seek Treatment

Relationship can be very difficult, especially in early recovery. This is one of the most common relapse triggers.

How Do I Know If A Loved One Needs Help?

If you have a loved one who is going through a difficult time and needs therapy, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to go about helping. With mental health concerns affecting as many as one in four adults and one in ten children, access to effective care is essential. The good news is that therapy has a high success rate; unfortunately, only about one out of three people seek help for themselves.

If you love someone who is struggling, the tips listed below can help you identify when it’s time to seek professional help. Helping a loved one seek treatment can seem difficult but it is possible.

"How Do I Help A Loved One Seek Treatment?"

"How Do I Help?"

When trying to convince someone to seek assistance, it is essential to come from a position of understanding. When Accusatory or angry, your loved one may become defensive and shut down. Once this happens, it is nearly impossible to have a productive conversation, and the person may become opposed to seeking treatment at all. Using positive statements to show you’re concerned is a good way to let your loved one know that you’re on their side and are trying to act on their behalf. Shaming them rarely works although setting healthy boundaries is often necessary.

 Make it clear that in order for your relationship to continue in a positive way, your loved one must seek help in an attempt to get better. Never enable them by making excuses for their behavior. Don’t encourage them to continue in negative behaviors. When helping a loved one seek treatment, taking the first step, and getting information on therapists or treatment options is helpful for the person who is struggling. This prevents the task from seeming overwhelming and also displays your willingness to help.

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If you or a loved one is struggling, Warriors and First Responders Resorts, can help. You can enroll into one of our specialized treatment programs yourself or refer someone. Our Veterans Rehab admissions staff is available to answer any questions and help to guide you through the process. Admissions staff members are there to arrange admissions, facilitate transportation, evaluate, and assist with insurance verification. Offering Detox, Residential Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient Therapy, from Laguna Beach to St. Augustine, our staff will help you pick the right program for you.

 Once a Veteran enters our Rehab and completes their mental health evaluations, they will be given a daily schedule. It is important to adhere to all the rules and do their best to complete all the work laid out for them in their treatment plan. When Veterans work hard on their recovery and want to improve their situation, they will experience the healing process. Those that enroll in our program have the opportunity to change and begin the journey to sobriety.