Evaluation Process

Through the groundbreaking use of an integrative evidence-based evaluation process, our Veterans Treatment Centers help with identifying additional problem areas to meet your needs.

Identifying additional problem areas

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Why Is Identifying Additional Problem Areas Important?

Our Goal at Veterans Care Resorts is to help Veterans, Medical Professionals, and First Responders reach their treatment goals.  After admission into our specialized treatment programs you may ask, “How do we start?” or “What does the process look like?”

Following our Rehab intake process, Veterans meet with a member of our treatment centers clinical staff to help orient them to the program and find the problem areas that trouble them most. This can include obstacles such as difficulty with relationships, communication skills, job skills, coping with anxiety, relapse prevention, and many more.

Identifying additional problem areas is an important part of the recovery process. The goal at our Veterans Rehab is to treat the root causes of addiction and mental illness. Through Detox, Residential Treatment, and Outpatient Therapy, Veterans will work through these problems towards a more fulfilling life.

Types of additional problem areas

The ability to communicate in a healthy way with others is a key element to mental health and emotional recovery.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are the abilities you use when giving and receiving different kinds of information. Some examples include communicating new ideas, feelings or even an update on your project. Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathising

Relationship can be very difficult, especially in early recovery. This is one of the most common relapse triggers.

Relationship Difficulties

Therapy is often used in coping with relationship difficulties. Our relationships with those around us greatly effect our mental health. Learning to have healthy relationships helps us find our footing and learn to take measures to protect ourselves and our mental health.

People experiencing explosive anger are more likely to experience physiological symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

Anger Management

Anger is a normal response to certain situations. However anger can be classed as a mild or intense irritation. Depending on the individual, the circumstance and their emotions, anger may cause a person to become enraged or even furious. Anger can be a terribly harmful emotion if it isn't controlled.

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Relapse Proneness

When it comes to to Substance Abuse, relapse sometimes happens. While often viewed as a thing of shame, relapse can also serve as a very important opportunity for more growth. While treating relapse, Therapist often find additional mental health that CAN be treated.

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Mental Health Disorders

Treatments are available for Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders although they vary based on disorder and severity. One of the biggest barriers to seeking mental help is the stigma behind needing it. There is a false belief that if an individual needs counseling, they are weak. This simply is not true and can put lives at risk if the individual needing it continues to go untreated.

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If you or a loved one is struggling, Warriors and First Responders Resorts, can help. You can enroll into one of our specialized treatment programs yourself or refer someone. Our Veterans Rehab admissions staff is available to answer any questions and help to guide you through the process. Admissions staff members are there to arrange admissions, facilitate transportation, evaluate, and assist with insurance verification.

 Once a Veteran enters our Rehab and completes their mental health evaluations, they will be given a daily schedule. It is important to adhere to all the rules and do their best to complete all the work laid out for them in their treatment plan. When Veterans work hard on their recovery and want to improve their situation, they will experience the healing process. Those that enroll in our program have the opportunity to change and begin the journey to sobriety.

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