Evaluation Process

Through the groundbreaking use of an integrative evidence-based evaluation process, our Veterans Treatment Centers help develop individualized treatment plans to meet your needs.

Our Mental Health Evaluation Process

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"What does the mental health evaluation process look like after admission?"

Our Goal at Spencer at Veterans Care Resorts is to help Veterans reach their treatment goals.  After admission into our program you may ask, “How do we start?” or “What does the process look like?”

Following our intake process, you’ll meet with a member of our clinical team to help orient you to the program and find the problem areas. This can include obstacles such as difficulty with interpersonal relationship, healthy communication skills, job skills, coping with mental health, relapse proneness, and many more.

MCMI IV mental health evaluation

After identifying additional problem areas, Veterans complete an MCMI IV mental health evaluation to look for any additional clinical disorder or personality disorders that could be co-occurring disorders.

The Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV, or MCMI IV, helps our treatment centers clinicians quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation. MCMI IV reports provide an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics and include action-oriented suggestions for therapy management.

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15 Personality Pattern Scales

10 Clinical Syndrome Scales

5 Validity Scales: 3 Modifying Indices; 2 Random Response Indicators

45 Grossman Personality Facet Scales

(based on Seth Grossman’s theories of personality and psychopathology)

Possible Co-Occurring Disorders

Individualized Treatment Plans

A Treatment Plan Created Just For You

When it comes to creating a personalized treatment plan, we offer a variety of treatment approaches. Treatment approaches that can help with even the most complex issues and provide clients with the tools they need. We focus our attention on clients and their mental, physical and spiritual health so that they can reach a point of overall well-being. Our extensive range of services and individual programming is what makes Veterans Care Resorts one of the best choices. Our recovery facility offers structured treatment programs that include methods to treat more complex issues such as dual diagnosis patients who are also dealing with a mental illness. When you come into our facility with an existing diagnosis you can be sure that you will receive the best quality treatment.

At Veterans Care Resorts, our services help you as Veterans and Medical Professionals, find your strengths during treatment. Each client will receive a mental health evaluation to determine any possible mental illness if they have not already been diagnosed. We work with other treatment centers and treatment professionals to provide the most exceptional care for every client. You can contact our treatment centers to work with our experienced staff members to come up with a solution for any client.

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