Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment

Our Veterans Rehab Treatment Centers offer specialized treatment programs for Schizoaffective Disorder. With years of experience, Our Residential Mental Health Treatment Centers work tirelessly to meet your treatment needs. 

Schizoaffective Disorder

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What is Schizoaffective Disorder?

Schizoaffective disorder is a mental health disorder that is marked by a combination of schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms. This disorder may run a unique course in each affected person.


Untreated, this may lead to problems functioning at work, at school and in social situations, causing loneliness and trouble holding down a job or attending school. Those struggling may need assistance and support with daily functioning. Those struggling often times try to self-medicate with substances, like Alcohol Addiction, Benzodiazepine Addiction, and Prescription Drug Abuse. Treatment can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.


Our Veterans Rehab and Detox Center uses one on one therapy, group therapy, mindfulness techniques, and medication to facilitate treatment. While the symptoms will never completely go away, they can be manageable. As a member of the VA Community Care Network offering Residential Treatment and Outpatient Therapy, we help veterans live life in a meaningful way.

Types of Schizoaffective Disorders

Bipolar Type

includes episodes of mania and sometimes major

Depressive Type

includes only major depressive episodes

Are You at Risk?

Factors that increase the risk of developing schizoaffective disorder include:

  • Having a close blood relative — such as a parent or sibling — who has been diagnosed with this disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
  • Stressful events that may trigger symptoms.
  • Substance Abuse may worsen symptoms when an underlying disorder is present.

Symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizophrenia Symptoms

Hallucinations, Delusions, Disorganized thinking and speech, extreme disorganization, abnormal motor behaviors, lack of ability to function normally.

Mood Disorder Symptoms

Depression, Feeling Empty, Feelings of Worthlessness, periods of mania, decreased need of sleep, out of character behaviors, problems managing person care and hygiene.

When to Seek Treatment For Schizoaffective Disorder

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If you think someone you know displays symptoms, talk to that person about your concerns. Although you can’t force someone to seek professional help, you can offer encouragement and support.

If your loved one can’t provide his or her own food, clothing or shelter, or if the safety of your loved one or others is a concern, you may need to call 911 or other emergency responders for help so that your loved one can be evaluated by a mental health professional.

Our Veterans Rehab and Detox Center is standing by to help make the symptoms of this disorder manageable. Contact Us today. Through the use of integrative evidence-based therapies we help you find the solution that works for you.